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Prices for the day based on market conditions. We reserve the right for price changes.

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Pricelist updated 04.04.2024

Daily prices according to the market situation. We reserve the right to pricechanges.

Lead scrap (99%) A

1000 e/ton €/1000kg
99%, must not contain impurities such as paper, bitumen, other metals, etc.

Leadscrap B

700 e/ton €/1000kg
Priced according to Pb concentration, may not contain hazardous waste, sand

Tire weights

300 e/ton €/1000kg
lead tire weights, must not contain impurities such as iron/zinc tire weights, valves, nuts, etc.

Battery waste (Pb)

520 €/1000kg
"only Pb batteries, lead-free batteries, for example tool batteries and/or so-called "alkaline batteries", we have to charge , 12e/kg, for complete forklift batteries (those in iron boxes)the price the battery is paid minus 50 e/ton of batteries

Battery waste (Pb)Truck batteries with cover

400 €/1000kg
forklift batteries in a protective case, the iron is deducted from the net weight

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