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Iron Scrap

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Pricelist updated 04.04.2024

Min. for payment 500 kg:s. Daily prices according to the market situation. We reserve the right to pricechanges.

Iron, for cutting

180 €/1000kg
mixed iron scrap, mixed steel scrap over 3 mm, which can be mechanically cut, may contain other metals. Impurities (no metals) such as sand, plastic, wood, etc., may be max. 1%.

Fire-cut iron, complete work machines, trucks, tractors, etc. dried

160 €/1000kg
Strong machines and structures that cannot be machine cut. May contain other metals. Must not contain wood, plastic or other impurities. Parts containing liquids must be dried before being sent for recycling, we charge for drying according to the individual work. For example: machine tools, heating boilers, sturdy beam structures

Clean sheet metal

220 €/1000kg

Prestressed iron, wires

100 €/1000kg

Complete scrap cars (with engine, battery and catalyst) Carscrap A

150 €/1000kg
complete scrap cars, with catalytic converter and battery. May not be dried. Non-metallic waste is billed as waste.

Scrap cars without catalyst, Carscrap B

130 €/1000kg
scrap cars without a catalytic converter. May not be dried. Non-metallic waste is billed as waste.

Scrap cars without engine, Carscrap C

100 €/1000kg
car "shells", scrap cars without an engine. Non-metallic waste is billed as waste.


350 €/1000kg
Scrap containing several metals, but no other impurities. Non-ferrous metal content 20%. For example, a brass faucet with attached pieces of iron pipe, a steel cooling plate with attached copper heat transfer flanges, electrical cabinets, welding machines, drills, drills, etc

Mixed metals A

150 €/1000kg
mixed thin iron scrap, which can be formed by further processing crushing. May contain all kinds of miscellaneous metallic scrap, no metallic impurities max. 5% of the piece's weight. May not contain hazardous waste. For example, household waste, oil tanks covered with pitch or fiberglass, household appliances, fire extinguishers, bicycles, paint cans, iron wires and nets

Mixed metals B

100 €/1000kg

Manganese scrap

280 €/1000kg
Manganese-rich (Mn more than 11%) scrap, mainly jaws of crushed stone, cones. May not contain other categories of scrap iron, metals and impurities.

Cast iron scrap

200 €/1000kg
Mixed cast iron scrap. Scrap may not contain other metals or materials, nor large chrome pieces. Identification: easily broken, brittle, made by casting, no welds, and cannot be cut by flame cutting. For example, cast iron machine tools, rollers, brake discs/drums, manhole covers/frames, forklift counterweights, large drain pipes that do not contain deposits or lead seals, and dismantled engine blocks from vehicles

Large cast iron

150 €/1000kg
Machine counterweights and other thick cast irons

Iron filings

170 €/1000kg
concentration of impurities below 5%, will be reimbursed according to the concentration

Car engines and gearboxes Aluminum casing

200 €/1000kg
oil free

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