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Ran Recycling enables responsible recycling

Metal recycling is an essential act in terms of sustainable development. It helps to save natural resources and reduce the amount of waste when raw materials are reused. We still deliver recyclable metal scrap as raw material for the steel industry and the foundry industry.

Ran Recycling Oy is currently working on a project to increase the processing rate by renewing its machinery. The aim is to introduce new working methods and improve productivity, quality and competitiveness. The investment will shorten the supply chain and improve operational reliability and service capacity. The impact on human resources will also be positive. The project is co-financed by the European Union.

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Don't pile up scraps, put them in circulation

We buy and pick up scrap metal, old cars and vehicle batteries in industry or from households. We are a collection point authorized by Suomen Autokierrätys Oy. If necessary, we also deliver waste collection containers for your use.

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Our pickup area is Kemi, Keminmaa, Tornio, Ylitornio, Tervola, Simo, Kuivaniemi and Norrbotten on the Swedish side.

Korjaamontie 9 94200 KEMI
Monday - Friday 8-16
We are closed on these days: 21.6, 6.12, 23.12 - 7.1, 18.4 - 21.4, 1.5, 29.5
We accept scrap on holidays on a case-by-case basis. +358 400 262 392

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RAN Recycling Oy
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