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Car scrapping is responsible and straightforward

Even a well-maintained vehicle reaches the end of its road at some point, either due to its condition or maintenance costs. Storing it in the backyard corner is not the right solution. Instead, car recycling allows us to put the materials of the car to good use.

We are an authorized collection point appointed by Suomen Autokierrätys Oy.

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How does car scrapping happen?

It’s effortlessly easy: either deliver the car to our service point yourself or request a pickup. Both options cost nothing for the individual.

When bringing the car for scrapping, bring along your ID, the car’s documents, and registration and identification details. Only the car owner can initiate the scrapping process, so if you’re delivering the car on behalf of someone else, make sure to have a power of attorney from the car owner.

We pay for the scrapped car according to the current daily rates.

We pick up the scrap car for you

You can easily order the pickup of an old car from us. Our pickup area covers Lapland and Northern Ostrobothnia, as well as the Norrbotten region on the Swedish side.

We pick up the car within a week of the order. If, for any reason, this is not possible, we will notify you of a new pickup date and the reason for the delay.

We deduct the pickup costs from the scrap car compensation amount.

Order a scrap car pickup

Fill out the scrap car pickup form carefully.

Accurate information ensures that there are no ambiguities in the car scrapping process.

Ensure that the car can be easily loaded onto the pickup truck.

There should be good access to the location and enough space around the car.

After pickup, the car is recycled in accordance with environmental regulations.

We operate in accordance with current laws and directives, and the materials of the car are further processed for reuse.

We will pay you for the scrapped car according to the price list.

The pickup costs will be deducted from the price.

You will receive an official scrapping certificate.

The certificate is updated for the day the car is picked up. The vehicle is removed from the registry at the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi), and the scrapping certificate concludes the owner's responsibilities for the vehicle.

Is your car registered with foreign plates?

Bring the car or arrange a pickup at our service point. Bring your ID and the car registration certificate with you. Submit the scrapping certificate and vehicle registration plates to the relevant country's vehicle registration authority and request the final deregistration of the vehicle.
Order a scrap car pickup

Order a collection, request a quote, or send a message.

We help you with the recycling of scrap metal.

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    Why choose Ran Recycling?

    Ran Recycling enables responsible recycling. Scrap metal recycling is an essential act in terms of
    sustainable development. It helps to save natural resources and reduce the amount of waste when
    raw materials are re-used. We deliver recyclable metal scrap as raw material for the steel industry
    and the foundry industry.


    By recycling metals, we reduce waste and free up raw materials for reuse. We handle scrap in accordance with current environmental regulations.


    We help with the disposal of scrap metal accumulated in the corners. Bring them to us or order pickup and we'll do the rest.


    We help with the disposal of scrap metal accumulated in the corners. Bring them to us or order pickup and we'll do the rest.