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No worries about scrap metal, we'll take care of it!

We deliver metals for reuse, so that the world will continue to have enough raw materials to use. Through us, you get a solution for scrap recycling and a fair compensation according to the current price.

Our company buys scrap metal from companies and individuals. The junkyard has at its disposal trucks equipped with swap pallets and trailers, as well as a pallet full trailer.

At the office we have a 100-ton truck scale and various machines for material handling, crushers, cutters and a cutting baler.

Let's fix the recycling issues

Car scrapping is responsible and simple Even a good vehicle comes to the end of the road at some point, either due to its condition or maintenance costs.

The back corner of your own yard is not the right solution in that case, but car recycling, in which case the car's materials can be put to good use. We are a collection point authorized by Suomen Autokierrätys Oy.

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Collection containers for efficient recycling

A collection container or pallet intended for scrap greatly facilitates the collection of metal waste. It is of sufficient size and looks neat in the yard or offices. We deliver the container for one-time or continuous use. Do you need scrap recycling help?

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Metal recycling puts money and raw materials into circulation

Scrap metal is valuable and recycling it is an ecologically significant act. More than 90% of scrap metal can be reused, which helps save natural resources. At the same time, you will benefit financially, because you will receive compensation for the scrap according to the price of the day. We help with one-off or ongoing cooperation needs.

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Why choose Ran Recycling?

Ran Recycling enables responsible recycling. Scrap metal recycling is an essential act in terms of sustainable development. It helps to save natural resources and reduce the amount of waste when raw materials are re-used. We deliver recyclable metal scrap as raw material for the steel industry and the foundry industry.

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By recycling metals, we reduce waste and free up raw materials for reuse. We handle scrap in accordance with current environmental regulations.


We help with the disposal of scrap metal accumulated in the corners. Bring them to us or order pickup and we'll do the rest.


We help with the disposal of scrap metal accumulated in the corners. Bring them to us or order pickup and we'll do the rest.

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We help you with scrap metal recycling.

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